The top 5 Must Visits in Polokwane during the festive season

If you find yourself in Polokwane over the festive season, don’t worry here are few interesting ways to kill time and have loads of fun while doing it.


  1. Last minute luxury shopping in a warehouse at Yellow Lemon Tree

Whether you are on a last-minute Christmas gift hunt or you’re in desperate need for retail therapy a visit to Yellow Lemon Tree is the solution.
Some say shopping is good for your health and to be honest a little retail therapy never killed anyone. I love yellow Lemon tree.  I have always been a fan of high-end interior businesses making use of warehouses in industrial areas. It just adds something to the atmosphere.

Yellow Lemon Tree is just that. It is essentially a furniture shop, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t find a cool Christmas gift or something small for yourself. From luxurious sofas, to beautiful bed lamps and a variety of smaller craft items. Just a walk through the place is enough to make you experience that therapeutic shopping feeling and I always discover the most beautiful fabrics there.

During the festive season, they will only be closed on the public holidays and Sundays.



  1. The Mall is always open

Polokwane is home to the one and only Mall of the North and yes, they are feeling festive as well.
Here are a few tips from the team at Mall of the North about Christmas shopping
They are planning a few extras for the festive season; for the rest of December there will be fun rides for the kids outside, a real life Santa for those legendary pictures, you’ll laugh about in a few years, as well as putt-putt. For another shopping marathon, they have extended their trading hours and will be open until 21h00 on Friday 15 Dec.
May I add that the carrot cake at Woolworth Café is divine!



  1. The Grind by Ben Schempers is a must

    The best coffee in town served by a Greek Hipster god

His customers are usually supposed to work for it as this man’s gourmet coffees are created in a tuk-tuk that travels the whole of Polokwane.

He often stops at office blocks where he makes everyone in the area’s day, but you have to keep your eyes on his page to see where to next. Something like a live treasure hunt for a cappuccino.

This is not an average Polokwane cup. Ben is not only most handsome coffee maker in Polokwane, he is also a pro in his field. Soon after he acquired his first Tuk-Tuk, Ben became a professional barista through Truth Academy in Cape Town.

If you have visited Truth Coffee before, no further explanation is needed. What a place, a must see (but this blog is not about Cape Town)

For the festive season The Grind has something else up their sleeves. They will have their brand new and improved tuk-tuk (the black one, which is also serving Zwakala beer on tap) stationed at Mall of the North.

The red one might make a few event appearances over the holidays, but as I said keep an eye on their page…  the hunt is not over


  1. Time for a craft beer

    Another must is a visit to Grounded Container Bar &Cafe

This brand-new hotspot opened its yard on the 24th of November. It is situated close to Polokwane International Airport, so I would suggest getting a designated driver for the night, because it is going to be a fun one.

This is a typical craft beer & cocktail bar. It is not a restaurant, but they do serve tapas for the alcohol munchies.

It’s everything that is trendy. This outdoorsy venue is open Wednesdays-Sundays and will possibly be open throughout the festive season. Keep an eye on their Facebook page, as they will announce anything you need to know there and if Polokwane gets some well-deserved rain they might be closed.


  1. A Christmas day lunch to die for at Saskia Restaurant

Christmas is about spending time with your family and let’s be honest that and slaving away in the kitchen is not quite the same thing.

Going out for lunch is not such a bad idea, you’ll be more relaxed, your house will be clean and you have a reason to dress up without having to cover everything with an apron.

If you are in Polokwane for Christmas this year, Saskia’s lunch is a must, but early booking is essential.

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Just by writing this I feel like trying everything again.


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