Polokwane is hip and happening…

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Most people love to travel, or are at least dreaming of travelling to one or other exotic destination. While you probably love to travel for vacation, or are imagining that it is all idyllic and blissful, travelling for business can be regarded as a chore and is most likely not your favourite thing to do.

But for many of you, it is part of getting your job done and with so many industries relying heavily on their staff travelling to regions far removed to market and promote their businesses, services and products, it is making the wheels of our economy turn. We know that living on the road can be tough, and therefore we want to help you out to change this annoyance into something more rewarding and meaningful.

We are aware that business travellers tend to be so focussed on getting down to business, resulting in concentrating on the destination, instead of the journey. With this mindset of getting the job done as quickly as possible, you might fail to identify opportunities to create moments that will bring colour and joy to your life. So many of our guests visit Polokwane for business, and the inside of their client’s businesses, and their guest rooms, are all they manage to see. Over the next few weeks, we will aim to incite some curiosity within you to make your future trips to Polokwane more satisfying and worthwhile.

You might be reading this and wonder whether we are indeed serious. And yes, we agree that, at first glance, Polokwane seems to be just another, ordinary dull town where not a lot is happening. But below the surface, there are a lot of things that do not meet the eye. Among some true gems, Polokwane boasts the most moderate climate, has a vibrant mix of people and interesting culture, friendly residents ready with smiles, is the largest urban centre north of Gauteng and offers a gateway to extraordinary places and things to do.

We intend to journey with you in discovering what is hip and happening about Polokwane and what makes this place tick.