Guide to surviving Mother’s Day in Polokwane and doing it right

Mother’s day is the one day we tend to forget even though it is the most celebrated day after Christmas and Valentine’s day.

You probably know the feeling of waking up and realising, “Oh crap, is it today?”
I know it very well and even though I mark it on my calendar and tell myself “this year I am doing it right”, I still forget or leave for the last minute.

Don’t worry, the reason why you are having such a difficult time to cope with mother’s day is because deep down you know that you owe her the world and nothing will say it quite like it is.

Let’s all try again this year. Whether you are already planning or whether you are leaving it for the morning of, this guide will have something for you.


  1. Mother’s day for the pedantic planner

This is the elaborate option for someone who will go all the way.

Why not make a weekend of it? I can’t think of a better option than a weekend at Palala Boutique Game Lodge. It is only 2hrs and 30mins away from Polokwane and they have awesome packages. It is the perfect escape AND your weekend will end with their extravagant mother’s day lunch. This way you’ll cover all your bases.
The extravagance is real. Look what went down on Christmas day and Easter Sunday…

2. For the obsessed sentimental

If this is you, there’s only one solution… make something.

Get all those old photos out, dig up a few unique memories or ridiculous ideas she’s come up with over the past years and combine it all in a good old fashioned scrapbook.

Make it a tribute to her life, by including photographs of her childhood.

Who else in Polokwane to turn to than Scrapbook Divas. She will help you with everything you need as well as some necessary tips and tricks to make it look like the ones you see on Pinterest. If you are using old family photographs, please don’t use glue! Your mom might actually be more cross than thankful. Make sure you use the right items so that the picture can be slotted in and out and have no contact with any adhesives.


3. Make it Fabulous

Book a photo shoot. Whether it is for the two of you or for the whole family your mother will be proud to have a new range of professional photographs of her beautiful family.

Polokwane is home to many talented photographers and with Limpopo’s scenic environment you will have no trouble finding a beautiful location to shoot.

Here are a few suggestions 😉

Nikki van den Heever| TopVision Photography| Marika O’reily| Xasinu Photography| Melanie van Eeden Photography


  1. Something funny, but practical

    Maybe she’d prefer to spend the afternoon reading a book

Fortunately for us, winter is around the corner so combining a book with something to keep the cold away is a good way to make it extra special.

No matter what the occasion, our moms are always doing most of the work. It is very likely that a break and some peace and quiet is all she really needs. BUT to make memorable, I’ll go for this hilarious, but cozy onezy and a book.


I have heard good things about Jeffrey Archer’s The Clifton Cronicles, but you might need to send her away until next winter as it consists of 7 volumes. It is worth it though.

If it was my mom, I’ll probably go for The Book of Joy by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.


These books should be easy to find at Bargain Books at the mall.


  1. The Last Minute kind of child #crisismanagement

We have the perfect solution for you. Our neighbours will be cooking up a storm and everyone is invited… yes you guessed it. Saskia Restaurant is going large this year and they know all about spoiling mothers. This will be their 9thcelebration of mother’s day, so you’ll be in good hands.

Interesting fact about Saskia and Mother’s Day, did you know… the owner’s mother painted every single painting in Saskia. Not only that, the entire dinner menu is dedicated to her. On the last page you’ll see a beautiful photograph of her, Gerda, and a letter explaining why.

Another special family corner is the wall of antique photographs in the breakfast room. This wall showcases a whole range of beautiful mother figures in Gerda’s family. Even a stranger will appreciate the special moments captured in some of these photographs.

If you don’t have time to make, bake, buy or travel for Mother’s Day this will be a perfectly planned solution. By spoiling her to a delicious lunch at Saskia, you’ll give her a break, keep her house clean and have time to catch up. While catching up, tell her why Saskia is such a special Mother’s Day location.



Remember, it is one of the most celebrate days, so just take a second to book your table, 5 days in advance, just to be safe.