Guide to surviving Mother’s Day in Polokwane and doing it right

Mother’s day is the one day we tend to forget even though it is the most celebrated day after Christmas and Valentine’s day. You probably know the feeling of waking up and realising, “Oh crap, is it today?” I know it very well and even though I mark it on my calendar and tell myself “this year I am doing it right”, I still forget or leave for the last minute. Don’t worry, the reason why you are having such a difficult [...]

A show stopping Easter in Polokwane

Limpopo Province is home to some of the top tourist destinations in South Africa and over Easter this province is trembling with celebrations of all kind. If you find yourself spending the long weekend in Polokwane, here are a few key things to keep in mind.   1. The largest Easter gathering in the world. Easter is celebrated all over the world and in South Africa around 5-8 Million people travel to the beautiful Limpopo province every year to visit ZCC, Moria also [...]

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Ideas for everyone in Polokwane

Are you spending Valentine’s day in Polokwane? No problem the Cycad team is here to help you get past that last minute crisis moment of “what to do” & “how to spoil her/him..” Cycad Guest House has been operating from Polokwane since 1995 so we can confidently say that we know the city and where to go. Trust us when we say.. this is what you should do for Valentine’s Day. Okay we must admit our fellow Polokwaners are not all the [...]

The top 5 Must Visits in Polokwane during the festive season

If you find yourself in Polokwane over the festive season, don’t worry here are few interesting ways to kill time and have loads of fun while doing it.   Last minute luxury shopping in a warehouse at Yellow Lemon Tree   Whether you are on a last-minute Christmas gift hunt or you’re in desperate need for retail therapy a visit to Yellow Lemon Tree is the solution. Some say shopping is good for your health and to be honest a little retail therapy never [...]

4 reasons why an exercise junkie would enjoy Polokwane

Today I share some to-do options for active guests visiting Polokwane. Lots to do with or without a gym membership.   Reason 1. No need to miss your gym visits Okay I admit, this is not a ground-breaking reason, but it is definitely worth mentioning. There is a Virgin Active situated only 1,2 km from Cycad. So, no need to stress when you are on a business trip to Polokwane, you can still stop by the gym when you have finished your work for [...]

A little bit of history…

At first glance, Polokwane seems to be just another small town with nothing to write home about, but perhaps we can show another side to the capital of Limpopo. And what better place to start than right at the beginning. This time we focus on the more historic side, bringing together two totally different angles of history. Hugh Exton’s vast collection of photography If you are into photography or you generally like old things, a visit to the Hugh Exton Photographic Museum [...]

Polokwane is hip and happening…

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Most people love to travel, or are at least dreaming of travelling to one or other exotic destination. While you probably love to travel for vacation, or are imagining that it is all idyllic and blissful, travelling for business can be regarded as a chore and is most likely not your favourite thing to do. But for many of you, it is part of getting your job done and with so many industries relying heavily on [...]