4 reasons why an exercise junkie would enjoy Polokwane

Today I share some to-do options for active guests visiting Polokwane.
Lots to do with or without a gym membership.


Reason 1. No need to miss your gym visits

Okay I admit, this is not a ground-breaking reason, but it is definitely worth mentioning. There is a Virgin Active situated only 1,2 km from Cycad. So, no need to stress when you are on a business trip to Polokwane, you can still stop by the gym when you have finished your work for the day.

I am assuming you have a gym membership if you appreciated reason number 1.
If you are not a member at Virgin Active, the next three reasons are for you.

Reason 2. Polokwane ParkRun. 

We are officially a ParkRun host city.

Our ParkRun is a great reason to get outside and go for a scenic jog. They have just hosted their 50th run earlier this month and it is still going strong.

Polokwane ParkRun happens every Saturday from 7h00am from Cnr Landdros Mare St and Potgieter St. and it takes place at a beautiful park in the city, but don’t worry you can still hear some birds and get a little closer to nature. Polokwane Parkrun map

Reason 3. A good game of golf…

For a more scenic and calculated experience, opt for a visit to the Polokwane Golf Course.

The course is only 1,6km from Cycad offering an 18-hole course that dates back to 1863. The course was originally designed by Peter Matkovich and is also known to be the home of Retief Goosen.

I am not a big golfer myself, but I have enjoyed the ride in a golf cart, while my friends focus on putts, par and whole –in-ones.

The course is perfect for a great day of golf with well-maintained fairways of lush kikuyu and bent grass greens. Although the weather conditions in Polokwane come with its challenges, the team have managed to keep the course in good condition and today Polokwane Golf Course is known to be one of the finest in Limpopo.

A traditional stop at the halfway house is in order as they always have the traditional option of Pap & Wors available, but on Saturdays, Sundays & Wednesdays you can also expect one of their home cooked meals including Lansagne, Stew or Carry & Rice. We always take the pap & wors, because it really has become a traditional golf lunch here in Limpopo.

Reason 4. A real bushveld experience

Up for more sun and exercise, but less calculation?  Perhaps a walk in the Polokwane Game Reserve is for you then, it is only 8km from Cycad.

The game reserve is home to over 21 wildlife species and the variety of birdlife that can be spotted there will surprise you.

This is definitely more my kind of exercise.  You are not racing to a finish line and you will actually be losing track of time. Perfect way to take your mind of things, isn’t it?

The hiking trail is 20km long and there are so many animals to see. Many of them are not that afraid, so they wouldn’t run off as soon as you make your appearance.

There are picnic areas if you want to sit down and enjoy a sandwich or even braai.You will have to take your own supplies, remember it will only be you and nature, so pack something to eat and drink before you go.

The reserve offers a lovely experience for cyclists as well with mountain biking trails and other easy routes.

Some visitors have done up to 70km of cycling on the reserve getting up close to giraffe and many other wildlife species.


These four reasons should get you excited for next time you visit us. If you are not a “stay in room all day” type of guest what better way to spend the day than the last three outdoorsy options we listed.


AND after an active day like this you deserve a cocktail on the terrace as Saskia Fine Dining… enjoy…